Truly Great Bread


Here at House of Bread we specialize in crafting fresh home made breads and pastries. We are dedicated to providing your family with the most nutritious and best tasting products available.


We bake all our products the way Grandma made hers – by hand, using all-natural ingredients. Whether it be wheat flours sourced from the golden hills of Montana, the best tasting chocolate or locally grown produce, we only bake using the best quality and all-natural ingredients.


House of Bread Bakery Café uses honey in most of our breads, which acts as a natural preservative. We never use artificial chemicals or preservatives in any of our products. Our products taste better, and are better for you, than those mass-produced breads purchased from the grocery store.  



A Kernel of Truth


Not all bread is created equal. White bread made from refined grains is not the same as bread created with whole grains. Why?


The flour that goes into House of Bread’s bread comes from grain kernels, typically wheat. That grain kernel is composed of three parts: the bran, the endosperm and the germ. Anything that is whole grain has all three of these. However, the refined flour used in white bread has only the endosperm; the bran and the germ have been removed. When those two go, a whole host of nutrients go too—vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein and fiber.


Sure, some manufacturers put a few of those lost nutrients back into their white bread (those options are labeled “enriched”), but it isn’t the same health-wise as eating whole grain bread in the first place.


Anchorage, Alaska